Just a retired baseball player on the other side of the athletics now. Usually in my office designing or out catching a game. I fell in love with designing early in my teenage years and haven't looked back. Getting to capture moments and tell compelling stories has brought me to to some amazing places around the country and more importantly has connected me with some incredible individuals. 
Started to take sports media seriously when I realized that I could make a difference not only for the players but for the level of athletics. Growing up and seeing athletic programs that did not have any social media presence failed to promote and honor student athletes for their accomplishments on and off the field. Being able to help that player or team get that 15 minutes of fame and see the smile on their faces is a feeling that I cannot put into words. 
Although I like making things look really cool, what really chase are the emotions I experience when I get to collaborate on a project with likeminded people who aren't afraid to dream big, push their self's, and chase after that experience and opportunity they have dreamed of, and create works of art that shows the true beauty of what this world has to offer.  
- Conner Darnell
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